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No Problem! We use technology to improve our clients’ experiences, but if you’re more comfortable on the phone or in person, give us a call

(727) 228-3636

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Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a five star real estate experience to our customers. You are unique, so we have a customized plan for each customer. We know how annoying it is to wonder what's happening, so we are pro-active in communicating with you every step of the way.
We have checklists and automation, but you will walk away feeling that we've got you and you'll be glad you trusted us to help you move on with life.
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Who We Are
We are a collective of unique St. Petersburg real estate professionals. We are sushi and martini crowd and comfort foods aficionados. We are walkers and drivers and bikers. We have all the cool places in our pocket. We are agents proudly representing everything in the Burg. We are also technophiles, using the best tools to keep our brokerage entirely green. For you, that means online access to everything you’ll ever need on your schedule.
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Ozona is a cute town on the ocean between Dunedin and Palm Harbor. The heart of the town is off alt 19, there is an interesting few blocks near Orange and Bay Street. There are several marinas along the water, and if you go out on a boat there is a small bay that’s protected […]

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Cantina on Central

Cantina serves up the best Cuban sandwich I’ve found in St. Pete so far. Actually, it’s the best Cuban I’ve found north of Miami Coming from Key West these sandwiches have a special place in my heart, and I’ll be continuing my hunt. If you know a great place to get a Cuban sandwich please […]

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