Allendale Terrace

historic homes, brick streets, rolling hills

The people are:

friendly. They get together to organize neighborhood events like block parties and garage sales.

Living here:

is quiet and quaint, while still just walking distance from the bustle on 4th Street.

Perfect for:

people who want to be close to the action, but not in the middle of it.

You'll love:

the rich architectural history including many Mediterranean Revival homes.
Bonus: this is high ground for Pinellas County and you probably won't need flood insurance here.

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A little about Allendale Terrace

Just north of Allendale Park, this neighborhood is known for it’s historic homes and history. Lawns are manicured, the streets are brick, and the mature trees are lush and provide lots of shade for afternoon walks.

Price Range
rent: $2,000-4,000
buy: $200k- $1M
*single family homes
restaurants in walking distance
min to downtown
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Properties in Allendale Terrace: