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Property Management Options

We offer two very different property management services, rental management and vacant home management for absentee owners.

Rental Management

Welcome to rental income without headaches.

Investing in real estate can be simple, if you have a reliable partner. We have been investors ourselves for decades and understand the complexities of managing a rental portfolio. 

Put a stop to worrying about maintenance calls in the middle of the night, or chasing tenants down for your rent.

Our Fees

10% of monthly rent
1 month rent for placement of new tenants
20% of repair cost for repair concierge services

We offer bulk pricing for 5 or more properties.

Services Included

  • Tenant placement services
  • Rent collection
  • Non-payment follow-through
  • Management of maintenance requests
  • Monthly reporting of income & expenses
  • Monthly on-site visit to verify property conditions
  • Management of general maintenance (lawn care/pest control)

Stable Income

Simple and consistent, that’s how your investment income should be. On the 15th of every month your rental income is deposited directly to your account. 

If there are any issues with collection you’ll know ASAP, while we handle all notices and legal requirements. 

Maintaining your investment

Let us be your eyes and ears.

Our team walks your property every month, and lets you know of upcoming maintenance needs so you can plan accordingly. We can coordinate repairs and allow you to be as involved or hands off as you want. 

We post videos of our property walk-throughs for move in/out , photos of repairs, and share expenses to your personal page, so you have 24 hour access. 


Stay on top of your investment from anywhere. 

From annual taxes to repair costs, it’s always easy to see exactly what’s happened on your property. You have 24hour access to personalized reports, as well as access to our friendly staff to answer all your questions. 

Tenant Retention

Keeping tenants happy is the best way to reduce your turn over costs. 

We create a welcoming and friendly environment where our tenants feel at home. By providing simple tools for them to pay rent, and report problems their satisfaction is high. 

Hire Us

We’ve been investing in real estate for years, and we understand all the headaches and hassles that come up. Let us handle the hard stuff and send you a check every month.

Absentee Owner / Vacant Home Management

Sometimes you can’t be there yourself. Owning multiple homes can be a lot to manage.

Let us keep on eye on your property and coordinate it’s upkeep so you can focus on the important things in your life.

Our Fees

Our fees vary based on your needs and the frequency of our visits.

$100 for 1 visit per month
$150 for 2 visits per month
$250 for 4 visits per month

We also charge +20% of repair cost for any services we coordinate.

20 point Checklist for Property Visits

  • Curb appeal
  • Remove fliers
  • Bring in mail and packages (we offer a scan and email option)
  • Bring in trash and recycling bins
  • Confirm lawn has been maintained
  • Check roof for visible issues (leaves, broken/missing tiles)
  • Walk perimeter
  • Confirm gates are intact, and secure
  • Confirm doors are intact, and secure
  • Confirm windows are intact, and secure
  • Verify thermostat setting (80 degrees standard for AC in summer, 50 degrees standard for heat in winter)
  • Verify AC or Heat is operating
  • Verify refrigerator is working
  • Check that appliances are clean and empty (dishwasher, oven, microwave, washer and dryer, garbage disposal, trash can).
  • Run water in sinks, flush toilets.
  • Check for pests
  • Visually inspect walls, ceilings, floors
  • Set up or rotate automated light “away from home” system
  • Verify pool has been maintained
  • Document walk-through and deliver update to owner

Coordination for regular services: maid service, lawn care, pool care, pest control, etc.

Repair management: electrician, plumber, painter, air conditioning handyman, etc.

Annual coordination of: power washing, refreshing landscaping, hurricane shutters, other seasonal concerns.

Concierge level available by request. This services is customized to your needs and may include food and beverage delivery prior to your arrival, flowers, seasonal decor, restaurant reservations, and suggestions for cultural events while you are home.