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It’s still a sellers market in Pinellas County

Graph of daily real estate market activity Pinellas County 6/12/2020

Written by Kathleen Seide

I have a passion for helping others meet their goals. I focus on the important issues facing people. I am curious and adventurous by nature. I love exploring and understanding the world, sometimes that means meditation and other times I hike hours into the wilderness to see where a path leads.

June 16, 2020

How’s the real estate market?

More homes are going under contract right now than coming into the market, giving buyers less choice and more competition for the homes that are available.

After seeing a dip in weekly showings, it looks like buyers are getting out there again. Below you can see that the number of showings each week has passed above last year’s number for this time of year.

I wonder if pent up demand will cause that to keep increasing for the next month or two?

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