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Pinellas Real Estate Market Review 3/26/2020

Written by Kathleen Seide

I have a passion for helping others meet their goals. I focus on the important issues facing people. I am curious and adventurous by nature. I love exploring and understanding the world, sometimes that means meditation and other times I hike hours into the wilderness to see where a path leads.

March 26, 2020

Everyone has been staying home as much as possible, and we are seeing an affect on pending sales in Pinellas County.

3/2 – 3/8
525 contracts written valued at $161,308,623

3/9 – 3/15 activity up by 7%-9%
565 contracts written valued at $176,950,823

3/16 – 3/22 activity down by 32% – 36%
414 contracts written valued at $133,956,430

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