Finding Your “Musts” for Your New Home & Neighborhood in Pinellas County

I’ve moved a lot in my life, including to four states and over a dozen homes, (four of which I bought, the rest rented), so I’ve got a lot of perspective on what makes a house a home…for me. 

The thing is, you can get all the top ten lists you want on what to think about when buying your next home—from neighborhood “character” to area amenities to home size and value, crime rates, schools, transportation, or shopping, to name just a few—but at the end of the day, no one knows better than you what “role” you really want this property to play in your life. 

And as your agent, I can’t tell you what’s most important to look at, but I absolutely can help you define the “musts” of house and home that support what matters to you most in the key areas of your life. And then help you find them here in St Petersburg.

There is a simple framework I customized for this to make it easy for you, it is called the “Wheel of Life”.  We identify the core categories for you (emotional, mental, financial, social, spiritual, to name a few), rate your level of satisfaction in those areas, and create a powerful strategy to focus your home search around your values. 

For instance, when I moved back to St Petersburg and got ready to buy my house, I knew I emotionally wanted an older home that provided a bit of nostalgia from my childhood in Naples, so I started my search with mid-century Florida bungalows rather than brand-new builds. 

I also knew that I needed enough room to spread out for my various artistic pursuits, so the number of extra bedrooms needed to support not only a guest room, but also my home office, which doubles as a studio for the online dance classes I take and teach. 

I ride a motorcycle and have a camper, so to support my adventurous nature, a garage and protected area for my toys was also a must, with easy access to the backyard to clean up from one trip and get ready for the next. 

And socially, I absolutely wanted enough room to invite a good sized group of friends over, for dinner and cards and discussions around the fire pit. 

The neighborhood needed to give me easy access to local and international airports, to support my love of travel to places near and far. 

And I absolutely wanted an area full of mom and pop shops and restaurants, so I can support our local entrepreneurs in some way, every day. 

Wheel of life -  event to find your Vision of Home

Those were my musts, and I found every one of them—and more!—in my wonderful home in NE Park.

Finding Your Vision Of Home – Free Event

So if you’re considering buying a new home, before you Zillow surf based simply on location, size, and price, I’d like to invite you to take a step back, give me a call, and let’s consider what elements of the property and the neighborhood would best align with your lifestyle and values, from the very practical to the more magical, and then go find that excellent fit for you. 

Join me for a conversation on bringing your dreams of home ownership to life! I’ll walk you through a simple, fun exercise for finding the “musts” of house and home that fully align with your vision and values!! Don’t miss this!

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