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Day Trip! Manatee Moms

Written by Kathleen Seide

I have a passion for helping others meet their goals. I focus on the important issues facing people. I am curious and adventurous by nature. I love exploring and understanding the world, sometimes that means meditation and other times I hike hours into the wilderness to see where a path leads.

November 16, 2020

Want to know the best way to visit the manatees from Tampa Bay?

Get a room in Crystal River, go have a nice dinner and get to bed really early.

Get up before dawn and head to Bird’s Underwater (where you already booked a manatee tour – tell him Kathleen says hello!)

Go out on the pontoon boat and enjoy yourself…

Pro tip – if you want to see dozens of manatees you should go during a cold snap in the winter. They all huddle up in the springs to stay warm, and Bird knows where to take you. I’ve done this a couple times and it is fantastic!

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